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Sports Equipment Donation

Sports Equipment Donation

Sports Equipment


Help the children at LCH become amazing athletes.

A simple soccer ball or tennis ball can bring so much joy to the children at LCH. We imagine a world at LCH where the kids not only get the chance to kick around a soccer ball or throw a tennis ball, they have the opportunity to learn how to play and compete.

At LCH, any moment the children have to play, they play. We are looking to partner with generous people in California to bring that joy back to the children of LCH





Tennis Equipment

50 tennis racquets
50 packs of strings
150 over grips
75 replacement grips
75 tennis shoes
100 shocks

Updated as of 02.2018


Soccer Equipment

50 soccer balls
120 pairs of cleats
120 soccer jerseys
100 pairs of socks
50 pairs of shin guards

Updated as of 02.2018

Please Collect Donations by April 9

Background of LCH

Love Children's Home (LCH) began in 1995 as one couple and 20 children under a tiny bamboo hut in Yangon, Myanmar. Although food and resources were scarce, the orphanage was birthed in unwavering love. That is where the name comes from: Love Children's Home.

For years, LCH struggled to provide for the growing orphanage. The children had to dig for scraps at the local street markets and survived off of poor quality rice. At one point, the leaders of the orphanage sold their wedding bands to buy food for the children.

Today, the LCH ministry has a network of 13 orphanages across the nation of Myanmar (11 in Yangon and 2 in Kalaymyo) that collectively care for 500+ children. Orphans are accepted from all different regions and backgrounds.

The central hub of LCH, cares for nearly 200 children. All donations are properly distributed through the network. Your support of 5 or 500 makes more difference than you know. Please email us here ( with any questions and for arranging pick-up.

Here is a video from the kids to thank you for your support!