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The Love Children's Home Network

14 Orphanages // 500+ Children // LOTS of l o v e


Love Children's Home

Love Children's Home (LCH) began its ministry in 1995 with just 20 children under a tiny bamboo hut in Yangon, Myanmar. LCH is now the network headquarters. It is the very first and also largest home in the entire network. LCH currently cares for about 100 children. Each child is provided proper shelter, hygiene, nutrition, education, and most importantly, love.


Smaller Orphanages

In addition to LCH, there are 12 smaller network orphanages in the Yangon region, and one orphanage in Kalaymyo, which is about 600 miles north of Yangon in the Sagaing Region. Each orphanage functions like a home and has parents (the orphanage leaders) and, depending on size, additional care givers. The 13 orphanages in Yangon collectively care for about 500 children.

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