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Love Loom House

Love Loom House was started in 2002 by Peter and Rebecca Thang, the founder of Love Children’s Home. When the orphanage was started in 1995, they did not have enough money to buy new blankets for the kids. Rebecca and the older children would buy mosquito nets that were left over from the military. They would tear these blankets apart, reducing them down to yarn. From there, they hand-wove the yarn into new blankets using them as mattresses and coverings for the children.

In 1997, they discovered a very affordable yarn imported from Taiwanese companies. From this yarn, they started making better, hand-woven blankets.

This was the inspiration of the Love Loom House.

Teams from the USA would come and start buying blankets and other hand-woven products as souvenirs and gifts. The demand for Love Loom House’s products began to increase. Some people encouraged us to begin selling our products in the States. The selling of these products in the States grew to a point where we realized the need to open a Loom House Store in Evansville, Indiana where our main partners are located.

Today, 22 women (some of whom are widows) are employed and provided sustainable incomes through the blankets woven on 20 different looms and the hand-made items created at the Loom House. 

Today, all the Loom House products are distributed through our partnership with Binding Thread, at our physical location in Evansville, Indiana. 90% of profits go towards our ministry efforts in Myanmar.

In addition to providing sustainable income for the women who work at the Loom House, the funds also cover the tuition fees of students attending Disciple Bible College, and support local mission works.