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A Reminder to Love

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On September 1st, 2019, we had the privilege of welcoming the Vice President of Myanmar, U Henry Van Thio and his lovely wife, the Second Lady of Myanmar, Dr. Anna Sui Hluan to our beautiful Love Children’s home campus. The president and his beloved wife received a tour of the campus, met the kids, and joined us for our Sunday service. During service, they both shared some encouraging and inspiring speeches with everyone, especially with the children.

The Vice President started the speech by encouraging us about “how God is our only savior in times of distress.” He then shared his life testimony about how God spared his life from getting arrested and killed by the enemies in the midst of wars. During that time, when his life was on the edge facing enemies, he called for God “if He really exists, He would save me from getting arrested and being killed by the enemies.” In return, not only did God save him from the hands of the enemies, but He also showed him that He had been on his side every step of his journey until today. God showed him that He has bigger plans for him for His Kingdom. Likewise, he shared, God has great plans for every one of us, and it is important for us to put Him first in every situation and to learn to be able to listen to His voice.”

Following, the Second Lady, Dr. Anna Sui Hluan, encouraged us with her speech about “how everyone is unique in their own way and that it is important to love and value ourselves first in order to love others.”

Thank you for visiting us. May God bless our Vice President and his beloved wife, and may God continue to use you for His Kingdom and Myanmar.